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‘i dreamed when you speak you speak to me’

I just feel like typing the entire lyrical content to the song ‘I Want To Touch You’ by Catherine Wheel. Damn I love them lots.

There is always going to be someone better than you. I realize this a lot. But upon close examination, there will always be someone better than I am at every thing I want to be good at and like wise, I will be better at many things that some else wishes to be the best at and so then, I am really just in the middle as is the rest of the population. You say, how can we all be in the middle? Well that is because if you think on it, there are billions of humans living on this Earth. Each of us fall into different skill and social categories. Some one will always be below you in one capacity or another and you will always be above someone but always, you will be between others who are better, worse or as good as you. You will always be in the middle. So I don’t feel so bad.

And realizing that… Continue reading

kimbykat : wooo peeing rocks
“Freakyme”: YIKES are you OK??
kimbykat: Why?
kimbykat: LOL No I mean peeing is cool
kimbykatt: LOLing hard
“Freakyme”: OHHH LOL I am a dork
kimbykat: OHMYGOD that is hillarious!
“Freakyme”: LMAO
kimbykat: LMAO too!
kimbykat: That was great… great moments in relay chat
“Freakyme”: I am just so used to things sucking that I asume the worst

blah blah blah

I am terribly obsessed with news anchor, Shepard Smith. This boy is a super hottie. (But his pictures don’t quite do him the justice that television does :).

In other news, still no hot water and I have a head ache. I’m thinking of going to Phoenix early so I can get my old temp job back and work a few weeks to save up some cash and find a place and establish a job for myself. I don’t know. I would feel king of uncomfortable doing that but I really don’t have many other courses of action.

Well in world news, the debate rages on. Fuck it, I think we should just to a re-vote in all states that had to do a re-count. If there is a 1% difference and if that constitutes a re-count the we should all just revote. Yes that taints the possible results but really, what else are we going to do? Sit on our thumbs? I think it is kind of unfair but that way it would be clear cut and we would have to accept the results and move on as a country. But that’s just what I… Continue reading

Well I’m cold as Hell. It’s freezing in here and we only have two small space heaters. Damnit! But I love this house. I’ll miss it when I go. :(

What’s going on with me? Not a lot. Working on a new layout for my web page. It’s going good but I need to decide on content and if I want to use frames. That’s my big web dilemma. :)

Also I don’t know, I’ve been floating on compliments today. What can I say, the boys just love me. :P God I’m so full of shit but it’s fun to be me sometimes.

Also I’m flip flopping. I was depressed today, earlier. I had a bad experience with Mike last night which I was going to document but I have decided not to. It was not pleasant though. It made me feel distrustful and angry and hurt. There are things that happen at vulnerable times that can hurt you psychologically. I don’t know… but it’s over I suppose.

‘give all your hope to me… make all your love to me…’

God I have this weird need for sensuality in my life. I feel at times (ok always) that I don’t… Continue reading

I so badly want Rob from Catherine Wheel. This bad should have gotten more attention. Their music is *really* good and damnit, Rob is sexier than all Hell. Rob… if you’re out there, I will eat your whatever you want (for the most part). Call me baby. *giggle*

But the debate is still on. Will we hear who the new president is tomorrow? I think we will but that it will be contested by the Democrats heavily and I don’t blame them for the most part.

So what else is going on in the world…? Mmm not much. More violence in foreign countries and more starvation. How fabulous? *sarcastic sigh*

There is nothing in my world other than lethargy, slight hopefulness, anticipation and wonder. I am hopeful for love and things working out. I am anticipating the end of this presidential race. I am tired and lethargic…it’s cold and my bed is so warm. I don’t feel like eating but I should. I feel like a symptom of something.


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