“Tiny Dancer”

I started a post last night to address something that’s been bothering me but I kept back tracking, considering if it would be taken with a level of distaste not meant. I scrapped it for now.

I’m lazing about after a fairly disappointing weekend. No “TD”. No “clubbing” (if you can call the 3 times in months I have even left the house other than for work and groceries … oh fuggit …). Nothing. I just watched some television (not a frequent indulgence) and then spent far too long on Twitter flirting with my #TweepOrgy crushes.

The real reason for blogging this evening (so late in fact for me) is the feelings I’ve experienced this week. Feelings of desire, great compassion, curiosity, empathy, need, loneliness. I’ve met several people on Twitter, all of varying personalities, occupations, proclivities and so on. I’m intrigued by little things about each person, their experiences, their compassion, their openness … and I’ve been drawn to these things. Maybe out of my own place of insecurity in my relationships right now, out of loneliness and out of questioning where I am going in my own life.

Amongst this, as I said, desire has built up. I… Continue reading

It’s funny how much sympathy customers have for me today since I sound like I drank a 50 gallon bucket of Jim Beam and smoked about 100 cartons of smokes. People keep calling me “sweetie” and thanking me profusely for doing my job. I wish every day were like this. And, I sound kind of sexy … if you like chicks who sound like 40 year old meth-heads who’ve hit brick walls full force with their vocal cords.

I promised to fill you all in on the “shenanigans” that took place the weekend before last. I’m feeling a little less hot on the subject but I can tell you that 1) I got “tow-up-from-the-floor-up” 2) I (at first) involuntarily made out with “TD” and someone else I hardly know. *blush* This lead to someone in the restroom (because “TD” followed us to the unisex restroom) yelling “some of us would like to use the restroom!”.

After this incident, I ended up arm wrestling with a GORGEOUS guy with tats and then we “sparred” in the parking lot.

Did I mention I was “tow up”? *sigh* I shouldn’t drink in public, it just leads to me wrestling men in public. This… Continue reading

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