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Thank you, Monica Bellucci!

What’s gender about, any way?

Well I’m cold as Hell. It’s freezing in here and we only have two small space heaters. Damnit! But I love this house. I’ll miss it when I go. :(

What’s going on with me? Not a lot. Working on a new layout for my web page. It’s going good but I need to decide on content and if I want to use frames. That’s my big web dilemma. :)

Also I don’t know, I’ve been floating on compliments today. What can I say, the boys just love me. :P God I’m so full of shit but it’s fun to be me sometimes.

Also I’m flip flopping. I was depressed today, earlier. I had a bad experience with Mike last night which I was going to document but I have decided not to. It was not pleasant though. It made me feel distrustful and angry and hurt. There are things that happen at vulnerable times that can hurt you psychologically. I don’t know… but it’s over I suppose.

‘give all your hope to me… make all your love to me…’

God I have this weird need for sensuality in my life. I feel at times (ok always) that I don’t… Continue reading

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