‘i’ll be your whatever you want….’

Well damn I re-did my journal layout but I like it. Nice and white and upbeat looking. I’m proud. I think I’m going to give up on having a real web page for a while and concentrate on obsessing over my journal. I love my journal. It’s so pretty now! What else should I do to it?

‘i’m just looking… for a way around…you’re the rod…i’m water’ :)

I’m in a good mood tonight. I found a DAMN cute picture of Andy. I would post it but I’m afraid he might have to kill me. He’s nude except for a white feather boa! *giggling* My God it is the cutest thing around. So’s he. He’s so cute it’s well… scary. You’d have to meet the guy. He’s really sweet and lovable. But I don’ t know… I’ll shut up now.

And YES I still want “L”. But I’m feeling a little better about it all. I think I’m having some weird ass bi-polar episode because really, it’s not very normal for a girl to be euphoric for weeks and then take a REALLY sharp turn and be totally depressed and at times think… Continue reading

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