Well, it’s officially been one week, in fact it’s been one week and two days since I’ve arrived in merry ‘ol England. Not much to report but here are the highlights.


  1. Long, turbulent flight with no sleep. A wet arrival into London Heathrow and short drive to retrieve Artie Munch Katt Thomas-Tague and Earl Grey Katt Thomas-Tague (full names mind you). They were released from animal arrivals with little fan fare which was good!
  2. Long, dreadfully boring drive from LHR to Helsby. Long. Boring. Nothing to report on that front.
  3. The first few days were quite sad as Ken’s long time hairy companion, Buster “Buzz” Tague was in his final days with us. His breathing was very laboured and we spent the first few days of my arrival waking at 3:30  / 4 am waking with him and trying to keep him comfortable. In the end, we agreed it was time to let him go in a peaceful and humane way. We went to the vets office on 12 February at about 4:30 pm to say good-bye. I stayed with Buster til the end as it was difficult for Ken, understandably. Buster went quietly which was a blessing.… Continue reading

I found this in another post about Harry Potter or something. *heh* This cat just cracks me up. I am dying over here! *dies*

Just when I stop crying, someone says something sweet that makes me go at it again. Buuut there’s always kitties!

I used to have a kitty about that big, used to take up a whole love seat to himself. His name was Buzzy.

Petey is nearly as big when compared to my 5’ 2” Mom 1.0. When she holds him, he’s about as big as a 2 yr old! Too bad he’s insane, poor blue eyed devil.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

I had a sort of epiphany today which I will tell you about tomorrow most likely. Right now Nermal won’t let me type. :) But I had a freaky week and then a FREAKY night last night where I cried quite a bit and then today where I bust into good tears but again Nermal won’t let me tell you … she keeps sticking her head under my hands as I type and pushing me away from the keyboard. :)

I’ll tell you tomorrow. :)


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