Hello Kitty

I love it!

This would match my HK & Dear Daniel “Nerds Need Love Too”shirt where they’re wearing nerd glasses. WANT!!



Hello Kitty Nerd Double Ring – $8

Hello Kitty and her beau, Dear Daniel, are sportin’ some nerdy glasses on this two-finger ring.

I want onE!!! gosh!!

This is another item at the top of my list, Bondage Hello Kitty. I already have two devil HK dolls, one in vinyl. I also have a goth HK doll w/ black wings. This would be a perfect addition to my collection.

It’s a good thing I’ve never seen one of these. Nermal would probably hate me for the rest of her kitty life.


The vibrator you’re holding in this picture provided hours of enjoyment. I hope to return the favor to time in the near future.

luv – k

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