On May 24th, 2011, I posted a letter I had written to my then “boyfriend” or whatever you want to call “r”. Whilst glancing over the posts and categories on my blog here, I came across that post and letter. Here are my reflections now over a year later, in January of 2013.


When I look at the time stamp of that post, I realize that even though I didn’t know it then, I was already in love with (my now husband) Ken. I had “met” him on Twitter in 2009 through Christine Fischer and sent him the occasional message but really didn’t get to “know” him until around his birthday in May of 2011. I recall wanting to call him for his birthday and being so hurt when he told me not to because I thought he didn’t “like” me. It’s silly now but I’m glad he let me call him and that some deeper intelligence told me it was finally time to cut ties with “r”.


Here I am now, it’s January of 2013 and I’ve been married to Ken since November 3rd, 2012. I had no idea consciously that I would be here today, married… Continue reading

Because I’m super lazy, I’m copying and pasting Kenneth’s update to our website, http://www.thegiant.plus.thekimby.com/


Flew in to Phoenix airport on Sat 9th June 2012 at 17:10 and had the usual hour wait in customs with Honey the beagle. Eventually cleared customs and baggage to be greeted by my beautiful Kimby. After a long kiss we headed outside to get a taxi and was greeted by my first experience of 110 Deg F desert air.We quickly found a taxi and took a crazy ride to the Clarendon Hotel which became home for the week.

Sunday was spent re-aquaining our selves with each other and watching a movie at Harkins at the Arizona centre.

Grand Canyon

Monday was a great day at the Grand Canyon. The day started early with kimberly’s brother Adam collecting us from the Hotel and driving us to her Uncle’s house in Prescot. There we swapped to his convertable and headed to the Canyon via a Denny’s for breakfast. The temperature was a pleasant 85 deg when we arrived at the Grand Canyon. We spent the next few hours taking photos and enjoying the view from several spots along the south rim.

We headed back and reached… Continue reading

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