dr who

As I saw a lot of signs in England, I had kind of wished I’d seen this one.

I have a sinking feeling this is going to be the weirdest wedding ever.


Doctor Who wedding cake

(via EPICponyz: Doctor Who: Dalek Wedding Cake)

Can I be the Riversong to your Doctor?


My nipples just got hard watching this trailer. *woo*



New Doctor Who Trailer

The stetson’s back. And though I watched through it a couple of times before it clicked, THERE ARE DINOSAURS!!!

Oh to be the Roman to his Doctor. *sigh*



A graphic with the Fourth Doctor and Romana II standing in front of the Eiffel Tower. He's looking at her as if explaining something and she' looking forward. There's a circle photo of them as she tugs his scarf and he's playfully pulling it away. Text over it reads "I think I'm running short on inspiration. She's running long on borrowed time."

Doctor Who | Fourth Doctor | Romana II

We break with speed
That girl can read my racing thoughts
She asks the questions
I take the floor

Jack’s Mannequin – My Racing Thoughts

Once Tori posted this song yesterday, I thought to myself “Man, I’m going to end up making a graphic with this, aren’t I?” And so I did.

I rather like this! It’s lovely! :)

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