Well, it’s officially been one week, in fact it’s been one week and two days since I’ve arrived in merry ‘ol England. Not much to report but here are the highlights.


  1. Long, turbulent flight with no sleep. A wet arrival into London Heathrow and short drive to retrieve Artie Munch Katt Thomas-Tague and Earl Grey Katt Thomas-Tague (full names mind you). They were released from animal arrivals with little fan fare which was good!
  2. Long, dreadfully boring drive from LHR to Helsby. Long. Boring. Nothing to report on that front.
  3. The first few days were quite sad as Ken’s long time hairy companion, Buster “Buzz” Tague was in his final days with us. His breathing was very laboured and we spent the first few days of my arrival waking at 3:30  / 4 am waking with him and trying to keep him comfortable. In the end, we agreed it was time to let him go in a peaceful and humane way. We went to the vets office on 12 February at about 4:30 pm to say good-bye. I stayed with Buster til the end as it was difficult for Ken, understandably. Buster went quietly which was a blessing.… Continue reading

I just remember bits of my dreams this morning, I couldn’t get any sleep before 5 am. I spent a lot of time thinking and tossing/turning.

I remember dreaming about school, Elementary school. I was on the playground. I saw my friend “Bater” there and he looked very young and handsome. He was surrounded by girls.

Later, I remember being with my parents and talking about going on vacation with my cousin. I had dreamt about going on vacation with her in a previous dream and in this dream I was telling them about the hotel costs. They were upset the hotel cost per night was $350. I tried to make it sound better saying that there was a lovely tropical pool area where my cousin and I spent a lot of time.

During this second sequence of the dream, I was dressed like an old woman and hunched over. My back hurt so badly in the dream I could hardly walk. My parents were young but I seemed old.

As we were waiting to cross an intersection, I had to stop to rest. I went to sit on some bricks in a yard when an older man came up… Continue reading

“Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me. No hope, no harm. Just another false alarm ..”

I dreamt several odd things but notably that I was in my old house, the one I grew up in and there was a wicked wind storm outside. I looked out the front window and my cat Nermal was on the brick flower area in the front yard. I shrieked and opened the front door to call her in. With her was my deceased kitty, Mr. Satan Kitty. I tried to call them in but they wouldn’t come and Nermal ran out into the yard.

I ran into the yard after her and some weird woman was in the yard trying to help get the cats back into the house. Suddenly, a huge golden retriever ran into the yard and was sniffing at Nermal. I was a bit freaked out so I went over to snatch her away when I fell over. The dog proceeded to try to mount my hip and then proceeded to pee on me!

Here I am, on the ground being pissed on a by a huge dog and screaming for help. The woman was no help at all,… Continue reading

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