“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”
Anaïs Nin

That may not see like a “love” quote to some but I have found through the last 9 months that no only does love require great courage but also a lot of imagination. I had no idea when I first met @kentague (aka Kenneth, my fiancee) that we would get engaged, that he would meet my family or that I would travel to England to meet his (which happens February 18th, 2012). I did know after a short time of talking to him, on some level at least, I recall thinking “I’m going to marry that man”. Who would have ever dreamed in 2009 when we first started talking or even 9 months ago that we would actually get engaged!

As I write this, we’re currently planning our November 3rd wedding as well as looking at visa applications for relocation. It’s a lot of change and God knows change can be a terrifying experience. But it’s true, Life does “shink” or “expand” in proportion to one’s courage. I’m glad that both Kenneth and I have had the courage throughout our relationship to expand our lives to make room for one another.

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