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Warning: I have edited my “rantro-duction” after reading this hilarious but sad page. I named this entry “I’m with gullible before I read the page and now it’s even more sad/funny. Mostly sad though.


The internet makes me sad sometimes with the staggering amount of information, incorrect, inaccurate or just plain malicious. In addition, yes I think we’re “out there” too much but that’s a whole other rant. So is my feelings about bad grammar and missing words on “professional” blogs. 


**** There is no malicious or cruel intent in my interest in this subject. If anything,  I hope any readers would examine their daily information intake and decide decisively whether information is accurate or inaccurate.  ****


Surfing the Internet


When I first had access to the internet in 1996, I used it for research in high school (namely researching RHPS). Then at 18, I spent a lot of time online reading, learning HTML and playing online “MUDs” (multiplayer real-time virtual world, usually text-based according to Later, I spent time online shopping, building my own websites and chatting with people from all over the US. In 1999, I started online… Continue reading

So, here I am in my PJs at my parents house alone. What is a girl to do? I could unpack my junk and decide what I am giving to charity (what I have left that is) but no, I decided to install OpenVBX.


The genesis of this story is when Ken was here, I was saying I kind of wanted to start my own phone line, harkening back to the days of phone line BBS systems. The twist is that instead of this being a throwback to the “original social media”, it would be recording based with me reading stories. I won’t go into details, it’s boring.


So I was thinking in terms of how it was done back in the day but of course now with the invention of the Internet (or “Tinternet” as Ken says), we have Open Source software like *ta da* OpenVBX.


What is OpenVBX, you ask? Good question. I’m not *entirely* sure right now. My understanding is that it is an Open Source voip system which has a “drag ‘n drop” interface for setting up call or SMS flows. It’s a pay-as-you go system where you may purchase a telephone number… Continue reading

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