Handle us with care.


This song encompassed not only my girlhood ideals about love but also my general mood of sensitive romantic. Hands down, it’s one of the amazingly sweet songs I’ve ever heard.

Like a desert blooms with new fallen rains,
Like joy you bring me makes me live just the same,
Like a northern star that shines through the night,
The peace you offer feels so right, I can’t live…
Without your love, without your love, if you were to leave me now,
I would be lost somehow, without your love…

As mother nature makes her seasons go by,
Both our lives are just as deeply entwined,
All the ocean’s waters flow into one,
Just like this union we’ve begun, I can’t live…
Without your love, without your love,
Without your love, without your love,
If you were to leave me now, I would be lost somehow.

Without your love, one empty space, one fear that I could never face.
Without your love, those silent tears, those are the payment for your years.
Without your love, I’d lose my way, I’d never see the light of day.
Without your love, I could never trust this way again.
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It’s 10:04 pm and I should be asleep. I took some sleeping pills an hour and a half ago to help me to get to sleep. Wouldn’t you know, I’m wide awake and “thinking”. I had set out to put some tunes on to relax me but after listening a little deeply to the lyrics, I started to cry. I realized I really let my relationship with “R” do a number on me emotionally.
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I suppose listening to “My Ex-Lover’s Lovers” has an effect on the title of this entry but it’s a bit appropos given some feelings, long a part of me are in the throws of death. I find the tears less painful than in the past and flowing less long the last few days. It is like something nearing it’s end, twisting up and shriveling inside like decaying skin at the edges of a healing wound. #DarkPoetry *wink*
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