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It’s funny to me that I come down with a respiratory infection RIGHT before I see the doctor to have my thyroid checked. How convenient? I always think that my doctor finds that sort of thing suspect because I know I would.

Well, I’m off to bed after some time of twisting my brains about what type of mythology or back ground I want to give my character. I’ve decided (for the moment) to try to come up with a back story but she’s not entirely human which made me veer more toward a mythological like back ground. I’m torn but there’s too much to think about now. I have to get to bed to be some what functional for my dr appointment. Disappointed I spent my long holiday weekend sick.

Night all!

– k

I’ve been kicking around writing an entry for a few days now (and had started on quite a good one when my lap top decided deleting the text would be a HOOT) but haven’t had quite the energy required to do so. But it’s an overcast Saturday, the tunes are blaring via my pink Hello Kitty earbuds and I’m well rested.

So, what’s been on this mind these past weeks? Mostly bodily discomfort. This discomfort, woe discomfort, has robbed me of rest and energy, rendering my mind nearly incapable of rational neigh intelligible thought or statement. But here I am, finally some what rested, a bit weary in heart and having made an appointment with my doctor. God, there’s no disappointment like the disappointment a doctor can deliver when you’re feeling like the gum under King Kong’s shoe. Wait, or is that a crushed islander?

*does brief samba*

Here I am, a woman with the body of an elderly sex-pot (hey my rack still looks great!) and with a bit less of the sex life. I kick around my thoughts of health vs success vs loneliness vs the rest of my life. You may ask yourself, what have these things… Continue reading

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

I had surgery on Tuesday, March 24th and am happy to report the “grapefruit” was successfully removed, the large cyst on my right ovary had resolved itself and they were able to sew me up without any problems!

Now this doesn’t mean it’s easy-peasy for getting pregnant but it means for perhaps up to two years, I may still have a uterus. They kept reminding me that it could return within two years so my best window for trying to get pregnant is the next two years. If I do get pregnant, I will not be able to go into labor b/c of the scaring at the top of my uterus. Scars don’t stretch so I couldn’t go into labor w/o risking rupturing.

Otherwise I had no fears and no tears going into surgery. I did my usual joke cracking and went right to ni ni land. I woke up with 4 shots of Morphine and not having a clue where I was.

The story gets a little pathetic post op when my Mom 1.0 ditched me within an hour of getting out of surgery. She took off, not calling any one and just tossing my cell to me to… Continue reading

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