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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I have no medical training at all. I am only a disgruntled consumer who sees a lot of baffling things as they relate to healthcare and the treatment patients receive. As always, address any personal concerns you may have about your health or healthcare with your own healthcare provider or for Dementia Treatment


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Since moving to the UK, I have been on an obsessive mission to obtain as much of my adult medical history from the US as possible. So far, so good.


But it reminds me of how many difficulties I had with US medical care and how often I was left feeling like doctors either thought I was nuts or I thought I actually was nuts. When I read over the studies that were done and think about the symptoms that I have suffered with for many years now, I’m highly annoyed that discoveries were made and then not disclosed to me or in cases, to my Primary Care Physician (PCP) and thus have led to several more years incurred healthcare costs, pain and… Continue reading

Lately, I have been  posting a lot of my experiences on Facebook regarding the pregnancy and the local stance on c-section. I feel bad drawing comparisons between the UK and US, I know it probably offends people to some extend which I do apologize for. I know that no one wants to hear “but in my country …”. I’m not saying that though, I’m saying “I have a limited understanding. This is what I have experienced, can you tell me how it may differ?”


What I can say is, I can only draw from what I know and ask questions to help myself understand what I am facing as a first time mother. I feel badly if some people (mostly midwives) take offense to my asking questions but at the end of the day, it’s my body, my pregnancy and I have to feel comfortable with the outcome.


Warning: These opinions are my own. The statements below therapist los angeles do not seek to replace any sort of professional advise, do not seek to judge or convince any one of anything.

For more information on the NHS and C-Section, visit … Continue reading

I know, I only say something when things are terrible, don’t I?

The update: I lost my job in May and was unemployed until July 11th when I started a new job. Things have been going well except for a few small errors here and there. Of course that causes major panic in my mind but no one else seems bothered much.

My love life has been on a surprising up swing with a wonderful, kind, loving man in my Life. We talk every day and its as if we’ve known each other ages. I’m very comfortable with him. I love how he makes me feel like a lady, despite the fact that I’m sometimes vulgar, insane or vapid. He seems to roll with me and love me despite my recent tumbles.

Speaking of tumbles, since I lost said job I now am without health care. This is of course a concern that creeps in the back of my mind daily with my FMS and various chronic issues. I manage alright with a positive attitude and pain killers but take away the pain killers (what few I can stomach) and the positive attitude starts to wain.

With this said, my… Continue reading

Isn’t it the truth – thinking that because you’re not seeing it, you’re not hearing it, you’re not experiencing it NOW that it isn’t there any longer? Life can make you a fool.

I had thought earlier, just how did I become this Zen goddess, this Yoda like creature of calm? It’s been a journey these last several years and mostly, the last two that have yielded this new sense of “calm”.

If you’ve been following my LJ (and God knows, you probably have not) you would know that I’ve struggled the last several years (starting in around 2006) with various health issues. It started with some “female” issues and then I started to develop terrible pain and a feeling of “swelling” in my legs. I became even more fatigued than I had ever been. As time went on, I started to have odd symptoms – my limbs turning colors (red/purple/white), pain in my hands, numbness in my fingers, problems with vision, bleeding into my intestines (defecating pints of blood), thyroid problems, worsening back problems, etc.

Later, I found out that I had a fibroid tumor in my uterus the size of a large grapefruit. But this is all old hat.

After an embolization, surgery and many, many different doctors giving many, many different theories, I went to the Mayo Clinic. They confirmed many things wrong but didn’t do any thing to help. Again, old hat.

I’ve been on pain medication now for at least two years which has helped. I’m still in a lot of pain daily but at least I’m not crawling into work and crying the first 2 hours of every day from the pain in my hands, legs and face. I’m back on seizure meds and now I’m taking an anti-depressant for my chronic pain. I really think it’s my (very cool) neurologists way of saying “I think you need this to help you emotionally”. I’m convinced I’m doing SO MUCH BETTER.

To be fair to myself, yes I am doing much better. It’s been a journey, as I said and it’s been more bearable with pain meds, my seizure meds, a lot of soul and spiritual searching, a lot of coming to terms calmly and of course, a lot of thankfulness. I’ve learned these two years that I’m strong. I’ve learned to cope in healthier ways, not the healthiest because I am kind of an emotional eater. *chuckle* But as I tell my dr, I’m celibate so at least I can have chocolate, right? She doesn’t agree.

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Doesn’t the subject say it all? Good night folks!

No, I’m kidding. Things are, well quite boring here for the most part. The biggest news lately has been my extreme fatigue and recent doctor visit. She took the usual battery of blood tests when I indicated I’d been having a more elevated heart rate than normal, chest pain, hair loss, night sweats, sleeplessness, extreme fatigue and moodiness (to say the least). I thought “thyroid, of course” but she said she thought hormones and maybe ovarian failure. EEEK.

So, tests run and I get a call back saying uh oh, my cholesterol and every related test was super high including my triglycerides which are mega high. Then my estradiol and estrogen were down as is my Vitamin D (which it’s higher than it was, previously an 8 out of 50, 50 being on the low side). My dr wanted to see me to go over what type of medication to go on but when we talked about the tests, symptoms and side effects, she decided that though it all fits, she wants to repeat the tests.

Meanwhile, I already had an OB/GYN appointment setup for today for another pap. My OVERLY… Continue reading

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