As some may know, my husband and I just returned from a week in sunny Phoenix, AZ visiting family and friends. What you probably do not know is that recently, we have suffered an interruption in work circumstances which has left both of us scrambling for work. I’ve been frantically looking at freelance jobs of all sorts, having a varied skill set in office work, insurance and a talent for business writing. You would think a smart gal like me would find something but it’s a tough world with a lot of people all scrambling for the same scraps as I am. It’s stressful times.


In light of these stressful times, I had hoped a week back home would relieve a lot of the stress and help me gain a fresh perspective on life. I’m 6 months pregnant with my first (and potentially only) child and of course everyone is just as excited as my husband and I are. You can’t beat that kind of joy and anticipation. I thought “hey, I’ll eat like a horse for a week, relax, enjoy my family and friends and come home refreshed and renewed!”


Mmmm, or not?




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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

My soul is so full of things to say now but I am so tired that actually putting anything into words … well that’s going to be hard. But I would like to say that I thank God from the bottom on my heart … for “Moanie”… for Freakyme … for “MP” … for “T” … for every one that makes me smile … makes me laugh … makes me cry … makes me live a little longer and love a little bit more deeply. Cliched? Maybe. True? You bet.


There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

‘i’ll be your whatever you want….’

Well damn I re-did my journal layout but I like it. Nice and white and upbeat looking. I’m proud. I think I’m going to give up on having a real web page for a while and concentrate on obsessing over my journal. I love my journal. It’s so pretty now! What else should I do to it?

‘i’m just looking… for a way around…you’re the rod…i’m water’ :)

I’m in a good mood tonight. I found a DAMN cute picture of Andy. I would post it but I’m afraid he might have to kill me. He’s nude except for a white feather boa! *giggling* My God it is the cutest thing around. So’s he. He’s so cute it’s well… scary. You’d have to meet the guy. He’s really sweet and lovable. But I don’ t know… I’ll shut up now.

And YES I still want “L”. But I’m feeling a little better about it all. I think I’m having some weird ass bi-polar episode because really, it’s not very normal for a girl to be euphoric for weeks and then take a REALLY sharp turn and be totally depressed and at times think… Continue reading

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