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t’s been a year … a YEAR … since I posted last. I’ve not have the energy, I admit. It’s tough being pregnant (even if you have a relatively easy pregnancy) and even tougher once you have a baby. Kole has kept me busy these nearly nine months! Here is the Reader’s Digest version of the last year, for those of you who have been wondering.

End of Pregnancy and Delivery

As I have said, my pregnancy was pretty laid back really despite the issues I was having. Early in pregnancy, I begun to notice thyroid symptoms (hyper – or over active – thyroid) and contacted the GP. By the time I’d figured it out, my thyroid was hypo – under active. I was started on T4 replacement and continued on but I’d started also having a lot of pelvic pain right from the start. Once I got to late pregnancy, most things got better and I felt pretty good despite being almost 37 weeks pregnant. I didn’t get very big at all and actually, after delivery, I weighed less than when I got pregnant! This was NOT intentional and I did not make any attempt to diet during my… Continue reading

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