Stefanie originally shared this on my wall and I’m reading this article that Kryztina has posted.


I couldn’t even finish the letter because it was too upsetting to read. It does not shock and amaze me, though it should, because this is not isolated. It’s not even confined to one type of ignorance; it speaks to a more sinister character flaw I see more and more in people. A very pronounced and proud streak of hatred for others that extends from innocent children to every adult or circumstance they lack a grasp of which leads to these emotionally violating acts.


This woman is someone; she could be a neighbour or a cousin of anyone. I think as decent people, when we hear these types of comments made by any one we know, we need to draw on that inner voice that says “this is wrong” and say with a (possibly difficult to muster) compassion “why do you feel that way?” We cannot combat ignorance and hateful behaviour by being angry or arguing, but by trying to get to the root of why these emotions are even surfacing.


Yes, I’d like to violently slap the living shit out of this hateful woman who would send such a cruel and evil letter to this boys Nana but damnit, my higher self knows that’s not the way to bridge the gap between hate and love. As much as I’d like to stick the needle in this b*tches arm, my sense of humanity and compassion urge me to consider that her fears, hate and ignorance come from a lack of understanding and education.


Damn, it’s hard to be the better person but obviously, this kid’s family are doing it. We can too in our daily lives.


Letter targeting autistic teen not a hate crime: police

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