As some of you (most of you) may know, Ken and I are expecting! That’s right, a baby … not a shipment, not to loose our minds (well that too …) but a tiny human!


We announced to our family and friends a few weeks ago. I would dare say that do to becoming pregnant, I have neglected my various blogging. Honestly, I had before to some large extent but then after becoming pregnant, I also started to have “autoimune thyroiditis” again which made me stupidly tired as well as just regular first trimester tiredness. Now, things are improving, being on thyroid medicine and slowly feeling more energetic and optimistic daily.


The Scoop


We conceived in April, probably around mid-month. I had started having some pain on my left side so the family GP suggested an ultra-sound. And that’s when we saw “ALF” a.k.a. Angry Little Fish (because that’s what the baby looked like). We spent a few weeks anxious, nervous and a bit afraid of jumping the gun with telling everyone though it had been driving Ken nuts! He kept asking when we were allowed to tell. :-) I wanted to wait until the 12 week scan so we would know, to some extent, that it was a viable pregnancy.


We were lucky at our 12 scan to see not only a baby but one with a nose, mouth, eyes, hands, feet, fingers and toes (and other parts). We were much relieved to see that the baby appears to be healthy and complete at this stage. When it finally came time to tell, Ken couldn’t even wait for me to hang up with my Mom before he had already posted ultrasound photos on facebook!


Now that we’re into our fourth month, I am trying hard to relax and enjoy. I have been lucky, no vomiting, no sore boobs, no veinyness, mostly feel totally normal except some uterine pains. I have had wicked food aversions but we didn’t know if that was thyroid or pregnancy, since both seem to be settled, the food aversions are getting better though to my surprise, eating is hard! You would think I would eat like a wild animal but I have barely been able to eat a  meal a day and finish it. Mostly small things like apples, juice, snacks and smoothie pops until dinner when I can now finish a plate.


We have had some obstacles, minor ones, don’t get me wrong. The thyroid is looking good now, so far no high blood pressure (in fact it’s been really low?) and no gestational diabetes. My iron levels are back up (they were low at first). I am sleeping pretty well.



The Fun Stuff (Not)


The biggest sticking point and great, GREAT matter for debate is: C-Section. I was told by my US OB/GYN after my surgery in 2009 I would need a c-section to avoid rupture. When I mentioned it to the mid-wife here, she looked at me like I was a nut. She then went on to say that the UK “doesn’t do social c-sections” and said it would be up to the GP but I would have to labour regardless.


We have been to see an OB because of my thyroid complication and she advised that I may need a c-section after-all as it has been recommended by my US dr and because of the description of the fibroid. But she also said out of the three types of fibroids, two are a concern and one is not. I’m assuming she meant subsurosal (meaning just under the first layer of tissue on the uterus). I did provide her my notes and we are waiting for her decisions.


With that said, because of my previous two procedures and experience with doctors, I became highly anxious and even scared. The most I read and talk to people, the more I get the impression that it’s a very unpopular procedure, even if you need it. While the NHS will provide a c-section is deemed medically necessary or in some cases, emotionally necessary, the popular opinion seems very negative. But, I will go into that in later posts.




Right now, our big plans are to visit Phoenix in September and plan a move to a bigger house after we return home. We are trying not to stress because we have had a lot of appointments, some early bleeding that scared us and a general feeling that something is off but we push on ahead. I don’t seek to complain but I’m sure people probably think I am. I’m just cautious and fairly, this has been an emotional and eye opening experience for us in so many ways.


In the end, we’re looking forward to meeting ALF sometime in late December 2013 or Januarly 2014! Hopefully, I will remember to keep you posted!






– k

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