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Well, I have officially been in the UK now since February 9th *thinks* so nearly 8 weeks. Things have been slow as far as my getting out and meeting people because I feel very vulnerable and “naked” here. Things really are the same but different so I feel a bit like an alien, grey skin, big eyes and all.


My first step was to find a therapist close to our home so I could see someone about what I’m feeling and the things that are coming up. I realized nearly right away that … to put it lightly a LOT of issues have come up, personally. Here is just a quick breakdown:


  1. Being married! Hah, no small adjustment for a single, independent girl. It’s new for both Ken and I, blending our beliefs, how we do things and what we like with each other. I have to remind him to slow down and include me in the little things like washing up, cooking, laundry, shopping. He’s used to do all these things alone so asking him to slow down and include me is a big adjustment for him. Not working or having “my own money” is a… Continue reading

Random poetry, not good per se but some interesting imagery for me.


‎Sunday, ‎February ‎03, ‎2013 8:40:00 PM
“tell us a story about her” they say
she wrote poetry under a tin roof in the rain
words are the raindrops, splashes into puddles of pain
the emotions we feel some times leave a stain
she wrote poetry to make the silence go away

some times the cure is worse than the disease
she tried so hard but in the end she could not please …
the people who stare in through the windows, they would not leave
from sun up to sun down, another day down the drain she could not retrieve
she wrote poetry to make the world go away

ask yourself about voices that you hear
do they tell you something or are they just your fear?
in the stillness of the evening when all you have are tears
do you remember her eyes as they watched you grow all these years
she wrote poetry to make the heartache go away

“tell us about her” they say
the cuts she mended with rags and kisses
words heal the hurt from the things that she misses
the blood… Continue reading

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