Well, it’s officially been one week, in fact it’s been one week and two days since I’ve arrived in merry ‘ol England. Not much to report but here are the highlights.


  1. Long, turbulent flight with no sleep. A wet arrival into London Heathrow and short drive to retrieve Artie Munch Katt Thomas-Tague and Earl Grey Katt Thomas-Tague (full names mind you). They were released from animal arrivals with little fan fare which was good!
  2. Long, dreadfully boring drive from LHR to Helsby. Long. Boring. Nothing to report on that front.
  3. The first few days were quite sad as Ken’s long time hairy companion, Buster “Buzz” Tague was in his final days with us. His breathing was very laboured and we spent the first few days of my arrival waking at 3:30  / 4 am waking with him and trying to keep him comfortable. In the end, we agreed it was time to let him go in a peaceful and humane way. We went to the vets office on 12 February at about 4:30 pm to say good-bye. I stayed with Buster til the end as it was difficult for Ken, understandably. Buster went quietly which was a blessing.
  4. Wednesday was snow and lunch with Paul and Michelle, friend’s of Ken’s. I felt like a “git” the whole time, adjusting to conversation in another country, even if your dinner mates speak English, can be difficult. And I also had a horrible migrane. And I accidently ordered cream of some fish soup so yuck.
  5. Thursday was unremarkable.
  6. Friday was also unremarkable.
  7. Saturday was lunch at Mum’s with Lin, Mike, Ken and of course, Vera aka Mum. We had sandwiches (or they did) and soup (I did). It was delicious. Afterward we went to Liverpool by the water front and did some walking around.
  8. Sunday was a day of finally unpacking and tidying.


So far, a good week. Things aren’t 100% settled but we’re getting there. Watching Red Dwarf, eating chocolate, relaxing. I have done some (read: some) housework. I was also “chased” by horses in the field whilst walking the dogs. We’ll talk about that later …


Til then, this has been me. Talking to you. Bye!


– k


PS. Cats and dogs, getting along after i started using sutff from https://www.catdogpetsupplies.com! What is wrong with the world! I hope to have disgusting cute pictures soon enough. *plots* I’m pretty sure the cats won’t go for that. There has been minimal hissing but otherwise, everyone’s good friends.

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