Obviously, I’ve been dilligent about updating my blog since I got engaged, can you tell?


If you haven’t been reading thegiant.plus.thekimby.com then you probably have not kept up on the events of the last year. The quick and dirty version is that I met Kenneth online via mutual friends. We “dated” via DMs on twitter.com which moved on to telephone calls and then emails and web chats. After several months of this, things moved quickly and we started talking about getting married. Before we knew it, Kenneth was planning to come to AZ to see me which was almost a year ago!


Kenneth and I were engaged on November 23rd, 2011 at the Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix. The next day we spent with my family having Thanksgiving dinner.


It seemed like time would never go fast enough and we would never get married. I visited Kenneth in England in February of this year and he came back in June. Since then our steady diet of telephone calls and web chats has continued and assisted our relationship in blossoming.


Finally! The day came on November 3rd, 2012 (my Maternal Grandmother’s birthday incidently). We were married at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. You can read all about it on our aforementioned website!


Now, it’s just me in sunny Arizona as my UK Visa is still pending approval and I’m still working on the paperwork for my cats to travel with me. Hopefully as I type this, my passport and documents are returning from the UK Border Agency in New York, USA so that I may combine with them the other pending documents, send them off with the extra $150 processing fee and get my ass outta this country ASAP to be with my husband. *whew*


It’s been a stressful and joyous last few months. I have never felt more tenderness and joy as I do with my husband, Kenneth. He’s truly a kind, generous, loving soul who truly appreciates me in all my crassness and insanity. I could not possibly have found someone more suited to me in 100,000 years.


I hope all has been well in the internets with all of you. I’m hoping to blog more now that I’m *gasp* unemployed! Hopefully my Visa will be approved soon and I can start navigating the waters of English employers soon!


Love – k


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