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Another one that should have been on Bates Lane as we were making out plenty. “Yeild for Love”. *awwww*

As I saw a lot of signs in England, I had kind of wished I’d seen this one.

I just got back from England last night. Whilst there, I’ve read the Phallosan Phallosan forte review and saw what seemed like road signs for everything including Elderly Crossing. *smile* Many signs were yeild signs with symbols which I straight away decided looked like “droopy dildos”. Since I didn’t get pictures for those of you who’ve not been to England, here is my artists rendering.

– k

I’m not sure I can adequately bring both you and ME up to speed on the last several months. I’ll try, however.

In may of 2011, I finally said good-bye to “r” and decided to move on with my Life. While I told him then that there was no one else, I was wrong. I knew from the moment I first started talking to @kentague aka Kenneth that there was just something about him. This is the part where if this were a movie or sitcom, the screen would go all funny and you’d hear a dozen difference voices telling me I “deserve to be loved”, I’ll “find the right guy” and the like. When anyone hears this after years of heartbreak or a particularly difficult break-up, one tends to think it’s a load of RUBBISH and SHIT. I certainly did … <camera goes funny again> but fast forward to almost, neigh, immediately after said break-up. I didn’t know it but when Kenneth posted the photo saying “distance means so little when someone means so much”, well, that clinched it some where in my heart. I really did at that moment start to believe, on some level, that all that RUBBISH and SHIT people had been telling me could maybe, sort of, kind of be true. Continue reading

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