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Engagement Ring

I haven’t posted since I started my new job back around July of this year. It’s been a weird and mostly wonderful roller coaster from starting a new job and all the stress that goes with it to nurturing a new relationship. I am pleased to announce that as of 23rd November, 2011 Ken Tague asked me to marry him. We picked our the engagement ring together. We got a bit lost on our way home from the jewelry store, had to be rescued by “C” but by the time we got back to our beautiful hotel room at The Clarendon in downtown Phoenix, Ken was ready to ask “officially”.

More details will be forth coming as the even nears. We are shooting for Fall of next year, hopefully October/November. We will also be posting to our mutual wedding website which I will post a link to as it comes together.

To all that are supporting us and cheering us on, thank you!I know our courtship has been fairly brief (though longer than many I know of), we’re very much in love and very happy together. I’ve never met another man so kind, loving and compassionate. He truly fulfills me… Continue reading

Sorry honey, this is not what I’ll be looking like on the big day!

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