bare feet, cooling on the hard floor
velvet softness of the night’s air caressing skin
deep breathe – inhale – holding in so tightly
in the long, still moment before the whip tastes flesh

exhale – head hangs – every muscle reacts simultaneously
a bodily rebellion between stinging pain & the relief of pleasure
hands sliding icily over achingly hot surfaces
creeping into moist, delicious crevices

the silence hangs in the air as an angel’s exiled feather …
floating softly, gently down to Earth
hushed, heavy breathing – face stretching to smother bosom
before the next burning rap of the whip crackles along the body

gasp – lips curl into a grimace of ecstatic pain
salty tears drip from wide doll like eyes
rolling wildly back behind shaking eye lids
tears, sweat, saliva and blood – mingle sweetly

flickering like exhausted flame, defiant nature burns
again the pain, the passionate blows against body
again – again – again – fever … fire … heat …intensity
pumping uncontrollably in time to the heat

final crack and the hush of a lovers breath
sshhh – the silence comes again with new anticipation
with new waves of pleasure washing over again
each silent moment crushed under the heel of the next blow

Kimberly’s Pins