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I’ve been on Twitter a lot lately and boy, it’s an experience. When I first joined in ’09 it was “what are you doing?” but now it’s (de)volved into “what are you wearing?”. It’s like one big text orgy or maybe it’s just the people I talk to. Is there any wonder? *wink*

But I’m here to talk about my brilliant observation about Twitter lately which is that people really, really want to be “popular” or liked.

Let’s talk about “ME”.

I’m sure every decade has had it’s share of “Me” fads. We have the “Me” generation which I’m told is made up of any one born in the 70s, 80s and 90s which means ME as well. We (those born during those decades) have reasonably become fascinated by the “self” and the exploration of it. It makes good psychological sense that we would, as technology and medicine progress, want to make the most of our youth and discover “our selves”. I say “our selves” because it seems to me that as we go through life discovering what makes us tick, we find there are many selves lurking below the surface. Again, with technology advancing, we are now able to… Continue reading

I am starting to think I just need brain breaks to really feel more alive and awake in the evenings. I came home tonight and just sat in bed with Artie, dozing slightly and that seems to have helped.

Now to the meat of my motivating post … here I am, 31 and single. I know you’re sick of hearing it but HEY, I’m sick of saying it!! I’ve met 3 guys in real-life lately who seem in varying degrees to be interested in me. All three are very nice and interesting in their own very special ways.

1. Very good looking, a bit “not tall” but that’s ok. He seems interested but not overly which is a buzz kill for me. I don’t want “stalker” devotion but at least something a little more motivated, like oh, answering a text where I suggest we have dinner. I actually heard the crickets after that. *shame*

2. Not bad looking, sort of boyishly cute. He’s, again “not tall” but has beautiful eyes. He seems very interested in me and even CALLED ME. That doesn’t happen. For some reason though, I’m just not really jiving.

3. Tall! Who knew! Not really my type… Continue reading

Doesn’t the subject say it all? Good night folks!

No, I’m kidding. Things are, well quite boring here for the most part. The biggest news lately has been my extreme fatigue and recent doctor visit. She took the usual battery of blood tests when I indicated I’d been having a more elevated heart rate than normal, chest pain, hair loss, night sweats, sleeplessness, extreme fatigue and moodiness (to say the least). I thought “thyroid, of course” but she said she thought hormones and maybe ovarian failure. EEEK.

So, tests run and I get a call back saying uh oh, my cholesterol and every related test was super high including my triglycerides which are mega high. Then my estradiol and estrogen were down as is my Vitamin D (which it’s higher than it was, previously an 8 out of 50, 50 being on the low side). My dr wanted to see me to go over what type of medication to go on but when we talked about the tests, symptoms and side effects, she decided that though it all fits, she wants to repeat the tests.

Meanwhile, I already had an OB/GYN appointment setup for today for another pap. My OVERLY… Continue reading

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