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It’s funny to me that I come down with a respiratory infection RIGHT before I see the doctor to have my thyroid checked. How convenient? I always think that my doctor finds that sort of thing suspect because I know I would.

Well, I’m off to bed after some time of twisting my brains about what type of mythology or back ground I want to give my character. I’ve decided (for the moment) to try to come up with a back story but she’s not entirely human which made me veer more toward a mythological like back ground. I’m torn but there’s too much to think about now. I have to get to bed to be some what functional for my dr appointment. Disappointed I spent my long holiday weekend sick.

Night all!

– k

Another quicky, free style poem.

Saturday, February 19, 2011 10:15:29 PM

it is calling your name, this thing of darkness
amidst the flowers, funeral finery and fillegree
this voice emerges from hollows, from corners
it whispers to you with the smell of rotted leaves
mildew on it’s soft breath on your neck

can you hear her, whistling wind
through the trees outside but holding on
tight to your skirts – turning, turning, turning round you look for her
down haunted halls, in quiet rooms
through smudged, tearful eyes you look

“here i am” she says
you see nothing but deep black waters
unstirred by a hundred years of silence
“i’m waiting” she says
you can feel her here, like a cold hand on your ankle

stretch away, lips contorted into shrieks
but a throat, cut with invisible wire and unable to speak
you moan silently as she calls to you from below
“here i am” she says
“here i am”
“here i am”

Saturday, February 19, 2011 10:22:21 PM

I’ve been kicking around writing an entry for a few days now (and had started on quite a good one when my lap top decided deleting the text would be a HOOT) but haven’t had quite the energy required to do so. But it’s an overcast Saturday, the tunes are blaring via my pink Hello Kitty earbuds and I’m well rested.

So, what’s been on this mind these past weeks? Mostly bodily discomfort. This discomfort, woe discomfort, has robbed me of rest and energy, rendering my mind nearly incapable of rational neigh intelligible thought or statement. But here I am, finally some what rested, a bit weary in heart and having made an appointment with my doctor. God, there’s no disappointment like the disappointment a doctor can deliver when you’re feeling like the gum under King Kong’s shoe. Wait, or is that a crushed islander?

*does brief samba*

Here I am, a woman with the body of an elderly sex-pot (hey my rack still looks great!) and with a bit less of the sex life. I kick around my thoughts of health vs success vs loneliness vs the rest of my life. You may ask yourself, what have these things… Continue reading

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