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Sunday, December 05, 2010 8:21:38 PM

who is content with their art –
a fool filling himself with delusion
failing to see perfection can never be attained

what lover leaves a bed still warm with passion –
one who is cooled the moment after fullfillment
with the ice of their own isolation

search for a paradise in the eyes of a stranger
find yourself inadequate, desolate
one who cannot feel love
for one who cannot give love

8:24:36 PM

8:49:07 PM
such a misleading innocense
lit inside his eyes like blue flames
a smile, slight and sly
leading only to vicious submissions
frosted fingers burned down every inch
skin peeled back to bear tensed muscle
hairs prickled with anticipation
his gasp, one of surrender & of guilt
but i, poor i did not anticipate
the disease that spread through blood
leaked into the heart to devour
by means of his very conscious conspiracy
such a misleading innocense …

8:55:08 PM

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