I stayed up til 2 am working on a video presentation with limited means. I should have gone to bed hours before but I try to get things perfect, little things, down to the milisecond. I’m insane but you knew that.

It’s funny how the combination of the cooler weather, the lack of normal sleep and still trying to get over a little cold has really warped the way the day feels. It feels almost like a weird little anxiety but it isn’t anxiety. I have no way to describe this feeling.

In other news, my boss is getting a puppy. (PS. Since I got laid off last October, I got a new job about 4 weeks later with another agency in Phoenix so my new boss is very puppy friendly.)

There are other bits o this and that but for now, I will say only that there shall be a puppy in my midst soon. I kind of like that idea.

– k

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  • You know, E. Adam and Justin could be of service with video editing.


    • admin says:

      I LIVE with E. Adam Thomas. :-) Video editing I’m actually pretty good at on my own from a technical stand point. I’m just having difficulty or rather had difficulty with the lack of source material to work with. The final grade on the project was “kick ass” from the owner of the company so really the biggest critic here is, as usual, myself.

  • _____lain says:

    My puppy, although insane at times (as puppies will be), are just absolutely amazing. I love mine so much (well I love all of my pets, but, there is something about raising a puppy and going through the bonding with them).
    Luna and I go EVERYWHERE together and just love it. Just got her a service vest, worked on her training, and she’s doing completely amazing. I love my puppy so so so much. It helps with my social anxiety so much because nobody really pays attention to me. They all just want to know and hear about her. So I don’t have to talk about anything but my dog. :) She’s so awesome out in public too, especially for her age. :)
    It should be really nice for you to have a dog at work, I think having them there makes the work environment a thousand times better. I only wish I could have a job where I could take her with me. :)

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