I’m feeling super tired and a big yucky. I woofed down a medium sized steak/onion & mushroom sub w/ some mustard potato salad and now my stomach feels like a pit of acidic death. It’s not happy to say the least. Maybe tossing a peanut butter/brownie cookie into it will help?

I saw U2 w/ Shoombala last night and her gf Cait. Much fun and silliness. We searched high and low for cinnamon flavored goods but were denied. In stead, we had nachos and I had a hot dog. U2, as one would imagine, was fantastic. I couldn’t help but think of “Tucson Mike” though since U2 is his favorite band. After not speaking for … God I don’t know how long it’s been, I texted him for old time’s sake to ask if he was enjoying the show. He indicated he wasn’t there, that times were tough with hours and asked if I was there. He wished me well and I didn’t respond to him again. I do feel like contacting him about making arrangements to spend time with Grandma since I promised I would. I love that dear old woman and don’t want it to end like it did with my Grandma Ruby.

Otherwise today is usual. I got my hair cut for free yesterday by my usual stylist. I’m not sure I like it though. I wanted to hack off the dead length and go back to my usual bob but I think it makes my face look long. I also am becoming anti-glasses as I think they make my nose look huge. I’m just not happy with my looks. I know my thyroid isn’t helping by f*cking my skin up royally, jacking up my scalp, drying out my hair super bad and making me feel like walking Death. I even feel too crappy to fight with my doctor so I put off my apointment another week. I still haven’t heard from them as to what they want to do with the thyroid tests and ultra sound. Probably nothing. *cries*

I should finish my cookie and prepare to finish my day. I may need to snort some Tums for this burning ache in my tum-tum. Meh.

love – k

2 Responses to A General Sense of “Ugh”

  • U2?
    No shit, that’s awesome.
    I wish I could have gone.

    I got to see the Joshua Tree tour when they did SunDevil Stadium ages ago.

  • capsuper says:

    I see a whole mess of problems here with your stomach. Try chewing the Tums, and tell me if that works better than snorting them. Or try stuffing them in your ear. That’s what I do.

    I thought you looked fine U2 night. Nice to put a face with the pink doughnut.
    I looked bad U2 night. My hair was giving me the full on troubled drifter look, which is why I had it in a ponytail. I hate having a ponytail! But I hate looking like a hobo even more.

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