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I’m feeling super tired and a big yucky. I woofed down a medium sized steak/onion & mushroom sub w/ some mustard potato salad and now my stomach feels like a pit of acidic death. It’s not happy to say the least. Maybe tossing a peanut butter/brownie cookie into it will help?

I saw U2 w/ Shoombala last night and her gf Cait. Much fun and silliness. We searched high and low for cinnamon flavored goods but were denied. In stead, we had nachos and I had a hot dog. U2, as one would imagine, was fantastic. I couldn’t help but think of “Tucson Mike” though since U2 is his favorite band. After not speaking for … God I don’t know how long it’s been, I texted him for old time’s sake to ask if he was enjoying the show. He indicated he wasn’t there, that times were tough with hours and asked if I was there. He wished me well and I didn’t respond to him again. I do feel like contacting him about making arrangements to spend time with Grandma since I promised I would. I love that dear old woman and don’t want it to end like it… Continue reading

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