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Not feeling especially great today, something sinusy and making my tonsils hurt. Otherwise I’m in a fair mood. I had an interesting night moving furniture in the office area, getting online for “T’s” computer and then some guy related events in her life.

Thinking on the guy related events, I focused on some interesting thoughts and behaviors. One item that seemed like an unintentional theme last night was crushes of admiration. It seems like over time, as we get older we some times develop “crushes” on our peers that are based on our admiration and respect for them. I’ve had these before which developed into other areas of attraction but lately I’ve been thinking about someone I know on the basis more of admiration than attraction. While talking with “T”, it sounds like she has an admireer that feels that way for her … a “love” grown out of the admiration and respect felt for her.

I remember touching on this topic in Psych 101 years ago. It seems that it was something I forgot existed, that you could develop an infatuation based on your admiration/envy/respect/etc for someone and realize that you really like them but you’re not necessarily… Continue reading

Finally all moved into the new place! I look like I went a round with George St. Pierre but otherwise, I’m good. The cats are adjusting well and I like Tess’ dog, Sadie. The only issue is that Earl is freakishly skittish so he’s not thrilled but at least he’s not hiding as much.

Nothing much else going on, just working and wishing I were home unpacking. I can’t wait to have that all done and get the house warming/birthday concept in the planning stages. I’m not sure where we would put people though, it’s a small house and already crammed with our belongings.

I hope everyone had a nice, safe long weekend. If you get a chance and have spare cash (I know, most of us don’t) please donate to the March of Dimes fund raiser at either of these links.

– k

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It’s Monday, again. I know I’m not the only one who don’t like Mondays but geeez.

In other news, still not moved totally. Still need to move my furniture, pack the odds ‘n ends and move my remaining clothes. It seems daunting though. I really do hate moving. I like being moved and into a new, fresh place but the whole back breaking work thing turns me off.

Speaking of that, I didn’t really do any major lifting Sunday but my lower back felt even more tweaked than it had all last week. It’s was like someone kicked me in the lower spine with steel toed shoes. I couldn’t sleep last night b/c the pain was so bad and it made my legs and hands hurt something terrible. It’s barely getting hot and already it’s killing my body. How I long for cooler climates.

In the final bit o’ Monday news, I tried to call my Mom for Mother’s Day, despite the fact that we’re “on the outs”. As usual, her phone was busy (aka off the hook). I called Mom 2.0 and wished her Happy Mother’s day and she seemed glad I called. I talked to my Dad who… Continue reading

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*rubs sore jaw*

– k

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