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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

I woke up with nasty cramps this morning. Nothing yet but I’m glad I’m working from home. Thankfully the Dilaudid I squirreled away is making me happy, happy! :-) I got my coffee, my smokes (I gotta quit) and I’m content. Even enough to work today.

Things still suck as the only game plan at this juncture is to reup my evil lease for another 6 months and try to save more money and look at what my “vitural id” situation is at that point. I can’t go no where. Tess and I are talking about doing an apartment transfer in July to a bigger place so we can room together.

Well, I should probably clock into work and shut down my home internet connection. I can’t get online when I’m connected to the work network. Bummer. Talk to you later peeps.

– k

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

I don’t know if you know but for about 10 years, I had registered. I have hosting with Dreamhost and it was set to auto renew yearly (well all my other domains do). For some reason, it didn’t get renewed and I didn’t know. It was purchased by some dbag who is holding it ransom for $4,000. I don’t have that kind of money so I registered two new domains to replace it, and

There are several other variations out there but for me, it’s kind of my baby. I have another domain, which I haven’t updated in a few years. I would like to get back into my creativity soon, however, b/c I feel I’ve been “away” too long.

Once the DNS information is populated, the offer of course will always stand to Ashlie, Stephanie and Arianne. Once we have a layout uploaded, then females I know are welcome to email me about hosting. This would only be offered to women I actually a) know and b) have something they want to share like digital photography, an insightful blog, etc. I hope to make what wasn’t (aka updated more frequently).

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Here is a most recent picture. I’m looking weirder as I get older. Blonde does suit me though so I’m stickin’ with it. I should update my lil avatar icon thingy.

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