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I haven’t been posting much. Been bummed out, sad, sleeping a lot. I’m stressed about work (a bit less so now), stressed about my interpersonal relationships with … well, everyone. I’m emotionally mixed up. I lapse on my seizure medicine like a day or so and I immediately fall into this pattern of not being able to stay awake. That sh*t really effs me up! Case in point …

I wasn’t doing badly when I went off of my Depakote for four months. I actually was feeling decent, no headaches and maybe a small seizure here and there … some during my sleep but that didn’t bother me (but the bruises were nasty). Then I have to get back on it. If I miss a dose or a day (two doses) I get muscle spasms again (like I do when I’m actually having issues with it and not medicated), headaches and I can’t stay awake. I immediately crash out. I’m drinking coffee now in the mornings in hopes that I’ll stay awake long enough to take my night dose. Oh, and taking this stuff makes me loose my hair and gives me tremors. But I complain too much …

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Who is free tomorrow night?! I would like to see my friend’s band 32Leaves play tomorrow night. Below are details:

JOE’S GROTTO, tour kick off

13825 N 32nd ST (NE corner of T-Bird and 32nd St.)
Free Before 9pm, $5 afterwards

32 Leaves, Tested on Apes plus Special Guests

Which of my bitches want to go rock out tomorrow? I would go alone but oh yeah, I can’t drive. :-( And I hate going to bars alone where creepy men will paw my booty. Say you’ll go with! Call me or email me.

much love – k

I did not die. That is good. I DID get a good scare on the way back. I might detail it out later but I will say that passengers clapped at the end of the flight w/ a collective sigh of relief. *eeek*

I had a nice time in Los Angeles even though the visit was short. I got to meet some family members, not of mine per se but people I’d have liked to have met regardless. That was nice. And seeing Grand-ma-ma was nice though she has no short term memory. She would ask me the same questions over and over and over. It was very obvious and sad to see. She wasn’t like that before and even in the last year it’s gotten really bad. I wished I could stay and help her clean around the house and get a good bath. I know her son isn’t doing any of that. *angry huff* That’s another reason to go to LA for frequent visits, some one has got to help Grand-ma-ma out and no one else really will. She won’t have a caregiver come in either. I think she’d prefer I do it but she knows I can’t… Continue reading

I hate flying!

I am finishing packing before cleaning up, showering and running to the airport. EEEK! Pray that I don’t die, I will be! :-P

I’ll see/talk to you when I get back on Sunday. *mwah*

– k

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