“Skittery Pigeon” just left. She came over tonight … and she was early. :-) We got Italian food then stopped for dvds at Block Buster. We picked up “High Tension” and “Dirty Love” (the latter is NOT a porno thank you). “High Tension” freaked us both out so “Dirty Love” was a good diversion.

We had our usual spat at the Block Buster where we argue over who’s paying. I bought the movies and she got dinner. We actually had a tug ‘o war over “Dirty Love” because she wanted to see it but I agreed to pay for the movies. In the end I was able to wrestle it away from her and hold it close so she couldn’t get it. Aftewards, she bought the drinks and ciggies. :-P

We came back to my place, watched the movies and then she went home. I walked her to her car and we talked for a few seconds. She said we ought to get tattoos again together and I agreed. More planning is needed. Then she actually hugged me which she doesn’t usually do … she doesn’t like hugs much. Then I walked back to my apartment only to notice she left the rose that I bought her. So I grabbed it, grabbed my cell phone and ran down the stairs to the gate hoping to catch her. I accidently called her home (it’s almost 3 am) instead of her and her boyfriend answered. I, panting, said “I’m sorry, she left something here and I was trying to catch her before she got to the gate. I misdialed.” He said “well you better call her cell phone”. He didn’t sound amused.

Right as I hung up, I saw her head lights coming toward me so I stepped a little in front and flagged her down. I was panting and laughing saying “you forgot this … I just called Brian by accident”. She laughed and said “you didn’t have to do that”.

Now, if I could only take the advice from the romantic comedy we’d just watched and professed my undying affection for her … but then no. She has a boyfriend and well, we’re both girls. But sometimes I think (just because I know it would never happen) that if I just said “I’ve had a crush on you for a long time … I just had to get it off my chest” … that I would be free of the burden and not feel like I’m … balanced on the edge of a pin.

It was good to see her. I hope we don’t have to wait another year and a half before we can hang out and laugh again. I missed her.

hugs – k

P.S. Ni ni.

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