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I am tired. But that said, I found this Onion article terribly funny. Sad but mostly fair to both sides (good natured jab) and funny.

– k

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

You may have a hard time today getting into gear, for it might feel as if reality is a bit out of focus. It may be difficult to get a handle on the current situation. Rest assured, however, this doesn’t mean you’ll have a bad day. In fact, if you can ease up on your control, things will flow along quite nicely.

I feel that. I’m feeling slow and just not in the mood. I woke up late, thankfully took a shower the night before and straightned my hair so I had one less time consuming task. I’m well dressed (thanks to doing laundry yesterday) and totally ready to just do one simple task all day long. That’s the ONLY good thing about Mondays. I am inundated w/mail and that is ok because it’s a consistant task that takes me all day.

Crap, I forgot to put my files away Friday. I’ll have to remember to do that today. Crap.

Ok I’m tired, I hate Mondays. I just want to sleep some more.

– k

2/26/2006 11:35:39 PM
we can return

i beg desperately with helpless eyes
to return to bed with you
where we seemed to be in tune
like divine instruments
it felt so pure and good
innocence seems to be the lie
on the lips you use to speak to me
passed with breath we share
when we are in each other’s space
no one hears this secret whisper
passing between us
only we know it’s there
dared not to speak of it or think on it
not to dwell
can not verbalize my want and need of you
touching, feeling, kissing me
all in it’s hissing brutality
rage and passion and clumsy tenderness
i stare at you
i beg with my eyes

11:42 pm

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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