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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

There is a baby in the office and I’m about to go into cuteness
shock! He’s so adorable. Little Native American baby with that thick dark
hair and big dark eyes. He’s crying (just got put down) but even that sounds
adorable. Ooooh so cute!

Ok, I feel better now that I’ve gotten that out. SO CUTE! Ok, really,
better now.

– k

Today’s been great actually! I feel pretty good … I almost feel these weird little electric feelings where my blood feels all warm inside and … it’s almost like getting random warm fuzzies. It’s pretty nice.

Let’s see, D.D. gave me the angel wind chime today. I was on my first break earlier and I ran into Dave from the Paisley smoking in the parking lot that adjoins ours. At first I wasn’t sure it was him but as I was walking past him to take my morning walk, he turned around and said “hey”. So I stopped and we chatted for about 10 minutes while he smoked. He told me that the new Paisley isn’t open yet but will be in about two weeks (I think that’s what he said). He told me that it’s much bigger and will be a lot better. He said he’s been good and that he’s been doing IT contractor work of sorts in the neighborhood that I work in (that Paisley used to be in) for some people.

We finished up talking, shook hands and he said he’d probably see me around the next few weeks until the Paisley opens since he’s working… Continue reading

I’m just about going to cry! D.D. (the accountant at work and partner
in office related crimes :) asked me via email yesterday if I liked angels.
I said that I do as I like religious themed things even though I’m not
really a religious person. Then she didn’t say anything else.

She comes up to my desk with this little package and says “i don’t tell you
how much i appreciate you enough so i got you a little something … it’s
why i asked if you liked angels”. She tells me to be careful because it’s
fragile and also, she doesn’t want any one to see because they’ll get
jealous. So I open it and it’s this beautiful butterfly/angel wind chime.
It’s absolutely beautiful. My eyes started to tear up and I jumped out of
my chair and gave her a huge hug.

Any way, I had to fight off tears because she is genuinely just about the
sweetest and kindest person I’ve ever met. She’s so polite and real …
it’s rare to find some one as totally and truly honest as she is. She rocks.

Ok, I had to add that as I’m just totally moved… Continue reading

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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