Ok, the Gwen Steffani album … still sucks. I have listened to the cd at least 8 times and it’s still bad. It’s also quite short … pop-ishly short. And it’s super ghetto. Ouch. But yet, like a train wreck, I just can’t turn it off. It’s got a good beat and it’s catchy … also very annoying which is actually ok for a day like today. You see, it’s bleak and rainy. In addition to that, my boss is out on vacation and I’m low on tasks. I have a few claims and when the accountant gets in I’ll probably ask her for some tasks to work on. I have some filing to do which shouldn’t take long but I’m streching things out a bit so as to not look like I’m doing absolutely nothing.

It’s pretty quiet this morning. The phone is pretty quiet … no much going on at all. In fact, all I can think about is food. I really want french onion dip and chips which isn’t really like me but that sounds wonderful! Also, there is a new taco at Taco Bell which was actually very tasty. I could go for one of those right now. Mmmm I like to eat … no wonder my a** is out of control! GEEZ!

Ah, this quiet and rainy weather makes me want to take a nap. I really want to crawl into bed with chancellor_d and snuggle. Play with the kitties. Read a book (I found my copy of The Bell Jar and have been thinking of reading it … again). Take a hot bath. Drink some hot chocolate. Sit on the couch and watch Girl Interrputed or Fight Club … maybe Original Sin if I’m feeling saucy. *sigh* But it is not to be, not today. *sigh*

BTW: I wish I had a webcam at work because I look so half awake and I have this horrible clown makeup happening today. I was bored and didn’t know what to do with my makeup so I put on this silvery-purple Urban Decay eyeshadow which got every where. Then I applied another Urban Decay purple eyeshadow over that (it has a fine glitter in it) and that got every where. Then I dabbed some white eye shadow across my brown bone. It’s kind of “draggy” but to top it all off, I busted out with the fushia glitter lipstick which is horrible looking. I look like a freak but then the gray slacks, black and white spaghetti strap tank and black sweater “coat” is pretty dull so the circus look really brightens things up. Damn I wish I could get a picture though … it’s pretty funny. I’m so clueless at being truly girlie. I usually just come off weird looking. Gaaaarrr! (Not sure why I’d make a pirate sound but GAAAARRR!)

Ack, I just want to whine and toss my hair around like Gwen Steffani. Damn her. But that’s ok, I have Sponge Bob Square Pants on my monitor to protect me from her bad music!(Sponge Bob is wearing a cop outfit. :)

– k

4 Responses to it’s all in the hands …

  • I’m like that too. I just stick to browns and stuff that isn’t too…dramatic… It seems to work. :(

    I can’t wear my punky makeup anymore, it just looks so weird on me.

    • admin says:

      Yeah it sucks when you have to look conservative in every other way. After a while, you start looking silly with punk rock makeup but corporate hair (ie normal hair color/normal cut). It sucks.

      - k

      • I knew what you meant by Corporate hair.:)

        yeah, my hair is sorta “corporate” now too, so I can’t very well do punky makeup, because it would look so fucking stupid:P

  • griglager says:

    Gwen with No Doubt – Good
    Gwen solo trying to be next pop icon corporate thingy – BAD!

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