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Wow, T4F look old. Wow. They’re going to be in town at the Celebrity Theatre. I would like to go. That would be nifty.

Mix96.9 presents: Tears for Fears

– k

There is some construction going on in front of the office. It’s been going on for days and it’s quite loud. But the hurmorous part is I was just told there are two big burly men sitting in the city construction truck … one eating a yogurt and the other eating a bananna. She thought that was a funny image … two big construction men eating their healthy snacks. It IS kinda funny .. enough that I would post about it.

Or maybe that’s just my day. It still feels so early!

I’m starting to feel fevery again … it’s probably the air recirculating in the building that makes me feel nasty … over and over. Maybe the filters need a change. In any case, I feel ickier when I’m here. Maybe the vitamin C is wearing off. I just popped some more so maybe that’ll help. I should take some Advil as well.

*blah blah blah blah*

– k

I was trying to use nasal spray this morning and slipped. I shoved a bottle of nasal spray up my nose. Oh the buring pain and bleeding! :( Please hand me my pocket protector … I might as well be wearing suspenders.

Otherwise my chiro appointments are going well. I already feel a lot better. My neck feels so much better. The range of motion is not very good but I guess that’s something that can be worked on. The vitamin C that he gives out for inflamation also worked well on that throat issue I was having yesterday. My throat feels much better today … it’s not swollen. So I feel ok. No headache yet, my neck feels a LOT better and no swollen throat! *crossing fingers* Let’s hope this trend keeps up throughout the day!!!

In other news, chancellor_d geeked out on my computer last night. He setup a router for me (*ahem* actually for him so he can access the internet on his laptop while watching television! *grrrr*)We got that setup and then he went to work removing crappy spyware from my computer. Oh how very infected it was. Then we moved onto solving my webcam issue… Continue reading

Ok, for xmas any one is free to buy me one or both of the following *evil grin*:

lace up ballet shoes in black size 10.5 or 11 and edwardian jacket in size 18/20

I’ll love you forever. In fact I’ll take pictures if you want (and this time I really will instead of saying I will and totally forgetting to *whisper* sorry donavan_love).

Thanks … I loves me some fashion and both would look super good on me and super good together, don’t you think???

– k

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