I had never done any research on the kind of seizures I have but I’ve been really dizzy with the clonazepam I’m taking. I thought I might look it up. I found two websites that pretty much explain perfectly what it’s like:



These describe the symptoms and every detail to a tee. I feel a little better having read a little about it. They’re not scary seizures (grand mal) but little and mostly annoying ones (petitte mal). I feel less bad or crazy now I guess.

Yay for the Internet.

– k

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  • oregonmoon says:

    when i worked at a special needs camps (for adults) we had quite a few campers who would have petite mal seizures. it was sort of odd b/c they would just stare into space and their eyes might do something strange like not blink for a bit and kind of shake. and then they would pick up right where they left off.
    is that what it’s like for you?

    • admin says:

      Not really, I’m not aware of anything like that. It’s exactly like the article that I linked to w/ the “jumps”. I know there are different kinds of pettite mal seizures. I think the space out one is focal seizures but don’t quote me on that. I know there is a symptom where people space out and smack their lips a lot.

      Weird. I’m pretty lucky though. The “jumps” are annoying but mostly when I had them constantly because I couldn’t sleep. Now it’s rare but happening again. It’s the weird feeling and the spasms that gets me. Also that I don’t want to do what’s recommeded and take meds for a long time. I was told that when I was diagnosed w/ umpteen mental disorders … I dont’ want to be a pill zombie.

      Yeah, it’s not bad though. Just weird.

      - k

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