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I had never done any research on the kind of seizures I have but I’ve been really dizzy with the clonazepam I’m taking. I thought I might look it up. I found two websites that pretty much explain perfectly what it’s like:

These describe the symptoms and every detail to a tee. I feel a little better having read a little about it. They’re not scary seizures (grand mal) but little and mostly annoying ones (petitte mal). I feel less bad or crazy now I guess.

Yay for the Internet.

– k

There are tons of little preschoolers here in costumes chanting “trick
or treat”. They are so cute and so polite!!! OH!!!!!!!!!! I love

– k

Today for work I am dressed up in WAY too much pink and black. Very retro polka dot look, fake ponytail … blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick. Very retro look. My female co-workers have commented several times on the high cuteness factor of the outfit.

All else is calm. Only three other people dressed up. That’s all good though.

I am still hella dizzy. I feel like I’m bobbling around. I really don’t like this feeling. I feel very off balance and I am getting a little nauseated right now. My eyes feel like they’re going to bulge out of my head. I don’t like this dizzy thing coupled with the muscle spasms. *gag*

I am actually doing the bobble head thing … I just felt my head bobbling around. How weird. I feel so weird.

Ok I have to go … Happy Friday before Hallowee!

– k

I just sent a voting email out to my co-workers asking who would be
dressing up for Halloween as we were supposed to have a contest. Not ONE
person said yes. I have four or five maybe’s and like 15 no’s. I’m very
sad. I will be the only person in the office dressed up tomorrow except I’m
just going to keep it low-key.

So sad. :(

– k

“Love Song” by The Cure is on. I wish I’d brought my cds back to work
so I could listen to DM or some Catherine Wheel today. It’s the perfect
weather to put on the thoughtful/sad tunes. All I have with me is
SoulWhirlingSomewhere (a little TOO sedate for today), Gin Blossoms (not in
the mood) and Moby “End of Everything” which is instrumental AND highly sad
which might work but I want something semi-popish (like the DM) to sing
along to. Hmm. Cocteau Twins would be nice.

In other news, I’m freakishly dizzy. I’m always a bit dizzy for one reason
or another and I’ve always had bad balance but I think the medicine has
kicked up a notch or two. My eyes aren’t focusing very well … every time
I move I feel like I’m going to topple over. When I was getting dressed
this morning I kept feeling like I was going to fall right over … I was
kind of bumping into things and holding on to things. I’m just HELLA dizzy.
It’s really disturbing because it makes me feel uncomfortable and I get
really weird at that point. I can’t focus too well.

I wish… Continue reading

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