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I must be pumping out the “hottie” vibe these days! The guy that does the coffee service just about forgot he had a wedding ring on! *lol* He was smiling that sly smile boys use when they’re trying to be suave. He was making such lame conversation but he had that twinklie look in the eye like “hey, I’m a suave guy”.

“You are fine bay-bee”!

“Yeah, I know”!

Speaking of all that, yesterday I swore that I had maybe tucked my skirt into my underpants because I got no less than 10-12 honks, yells, waves and near accident causing stares. Now it’s ok when it’s like maybe three in one day but like I got so much attention yesterday that I was getting scared. I was honestly afraid that maybe I had something hanging out. I was so paranoid by the time I got home. I nearly cried. I was freaked out. Really scared. I must not be cute, I must be scary looking or something.

– k

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Ok, it’s official … I am coming down with something. When I started
to feel a little yucky last week, the girl that covers my lunches wasn’t
feeling well. Well today she comes in and looks horrible. I say “are you
ok”? She says “no I’m sick … I have a fever …”. I ask “is it a sore
throat, upset tummy …”. She replies “yes”.

Officially, I think I’ve caught something from her by sharing a telephone
receiver. My throat has been just a tad sore the last two days or so and I
have a headache/stomach upset and the like. Great, I hate getting sick!
This is totally not a good time to come down with some random ailment. I’m
not down with that.

I just thought I’d let you all know, not that you care but my world has
shrank back down to daily routines and daily complaints. Such is the
working life, is it not?

– k

Great, Korn … already haggard aging rockstars. They’ve gone and
covered Pink Floyd and have done so badly. Sheesh. I’m so over Johnathan
Davis … he just looks like some crappy metal version of Weird Al and
frankly I am not impressed. They were cool like 10 years ago.

*sigh* – k

“What I remember most are the great pains of my life.
The pleasant moments I have forgotten.”
Pierre from Delta of Venus by Anais Nin

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