How many times have I tried to start this entry in two days? I can’t count. Basically, I don’t like the music that No Doubt usually makes. But I have I say, I love 80s music and I really like their cover of Talk Talk’s song “it’s my life”. I also do kind of like “Hella Good” despite myself. I like the 80s sound but the fact that she says “hella” … that really bothers me. That word annoys me so much. “Don’t Speak” is actually a good song too. But for the most part … God I hate SKA! I fucking hate this whitebread, California pop/ska. I’m sorry, I’m not a “pop” music fan but at least when pop is honest about the fact that it’s soulless, that’s fine. But this whitebread, fake ass pop/ska thing … just doesn’t do it for me. And Blink 182 bands … again, POP music disguised as something more edgy which is it NOT EDGY. I mean, I’m not like a big punk rock/original style ska expert but come one … have we forgotten Jello Biara!? I mean, he got beat up at a PUNK show by kids who didn’t even know who the fuck he was! That’s wrong … respect your fucking elders man!

Ok so yeah, I can tolerate No Doubt but only the non-ska stuff. Don’t tell … shhhh. And Gwen IS flavorful and I DO like her voice. I’m just a political bastard when it comes to music. I like to keep it real. Sorry man.

love – k

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