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How many times have I tried to start this entry in two days? I can’t count. Basically, I don’t like the music that No Doubt usually makes. But I have I say, I love 80s music and I really like their cover of Talk Talk’s song “it’s my life”. I also do kind of like “Hella Good” despite myself. I like the 80s sound but the fact that she says “hella” … that really bothers me. That word annoys me so much. “Don’t Speak” is actually a good song too. But for the most part … God I hate SKA! I fucking hate this whitebread, California pop/ska. I’m sorry, I’m not a “pop” music fan but at least when pop is honest about the fact that it’s soulless, that’s fine. But this whitebread, fake ass pop/ska thing … just doesn’t do it for me. And Blink 182 bands … again, POP music disguised as something more edgy which is it NOT EDGY. I mean, I’m not like a big punk rock/original style ska expert but come one … have we forgotten Jello Biara!? I mean, he got beat up at a PUNK show by kids who didn’t even know who… Continue reading

I found elements of my last post highly annoying. I’m not really a stupid bitch all the time … just now. Oh and now. Now too. Yep now ….

Ok I’m over it. Fuck me in my neck! I’m so fucking tired right now! I’m not even w/in close resemblance of some one who is sane.

– k

Dood, I’ve never been into the local pop/rock music here in Arizona but fuckin’ A … I love this Refreshments song! I actually like every Refreshments song I’ve ever heard. Ok and I’m a closet Gin Blossoms fan but only the first album.

Any way … I’m tired … another late night at work but I’m thinking about how nice that check is going to look when I get all that OT. And I’m thinking how nice my new bed frame is going to be. So it’s ok. I don’t have any kind of home life during the week any way so I don’t mind. And oh, I lost my cell phone. I need to buy a new one. Eh … such is my life.

Today went ok … I kind of goofed a lot of the day … did some work … no major catastrophes. I had a good time chatting w/ the flamingly gay temp who now knows too much about me. I’m going to give him my card tomorrow and see if he’d like to do lunch some time. He’s fun … I miss having gay male friends. Hmmm.

Any how … today was ok … still… Continue reading

Ah, another long night at the office but today flew by. I wasn’t as productive as usual today. One of the temps in the office this week is flamingly gay and he was doing some interesting relaxation techniques on me. I felt really weird because I don’t like being touched a lot by people … I really like my space but this guy is like, adjusting me and manipulating my arms and head in interesting ways. It had to look really odd to passersby. It was fun though. In three days we’ve bonded pretty well.

Any way … I don’t have the attention span to blab about my day … I’m fucking tired and I’m blinking way too much. Eeek. Time for beddie-bye.

– k

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