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I bought THIS shirt which looks cute with THIS skirt. It’s actually very cute though I’m not used to the idea of wearing a tiny tight black shirt (ok tiny on MY boobs) and a flirty little pleated skirt. but damn the little skull w/ a pink bow on the tiny shirt pocket? Oh so very cute. I should have gotten the rockabilly one .. but w/ the skull stuff I wear, the pirate kitty goes quite well.

Ok so maybe I’m a little weird some times. Don’t mind me! It’s just my goth-girl coming out to play (w/ knives :) … the rest of the time I’m *kind* of normal . Yep.

love – k

I’m a bit tired but I’ll give a quick sketch of my day …

Basically right after my last post, Elliot and his fiancé, Anna, came over. We went to Uno’s Pizzeria for lunch. Afterward, we went to Metrocenter and shopped at Torrid which, next to Old Navy is my favorite place to shop. Anna and I had a wonderful time trying out clothes. I did, however, come across something I found quite astounding in the dressing room! No, not a third nipple … no, no … not a penis. I had grabbed two skirts in the size I normally wear. When I went to try one on, it was falling off. So I went down a size and still, it was falling off. So I asked for a third size down and it was actually a little bit loose. Same w/ the other skirt! For those that know me, this was a moment of unparalleled joy! Also, those who know me can imagine it took very little for me to decide to buy the skirts.

Afterward, we strolled around Robinsons May and then to Bakers where I bought a red leather-esque rose for my black handbag. We then hit… Continue reading

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

I’m listening to Barbara Streisand and Michael Crawford singing Phantom of the Opera. Oh do me … that is so hot … I have a total boner for Michael Crawford’s voice. Oohh! And Barbara, she’s like butta! “Tremulous and tender …”.

I love the theme to Greatest American Hero.

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