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Link to aristophren‘s journal where he posted about this.

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First, go read Lisa Andrews’ What’s A Meantime Girl? essay, posted in her own journal:

Now, if you are moved by Lisa Andrews’ What’s A Meantime Girl? essay, then please COPY THIS ENTIRE ENTRY, and post it into your own journal or blog or whatever. Use the same title: “The Real Meantime Girl Author Is Lisa Andrews.”

Why? Because all over the world, disrespectful plagiarists have stolen Lisa Andrews’ What’s A Meantime Girl? essay pretending that it is theirs. Just look it up in Google.

Some web sites have even copyrighted her essay. Stealing Lisa’s essay – something written from the bottom of her heart to express her own personal pain and grief in a way that we all can feel – is just plain wrong.

Lisa isn’t rich. She can’t afford hordes of lawyers. So this is our little way of bringing the truth to the world. When enough blogs and journals and on-line diaries start pointing to her work and attributing the What’s A Meantime Girl? essay to Lisa Andrews, everyone will know the truth. And… Continue reading

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

I found this through some other random person’s journal. HOLY CRAP this is painful. Dood, you’re making the Baby Jesus cry.

PS. This is way funnier.

Wait, something EVEN FUNNIER (no, not really but a close second). My co-worker, the accountant, got an interesting Christmas present from another co-worker. She got a box of Bounce. I’ll post the list of things you can do with Bounce but any way, she tried not to laugh because this was totally serious. It’s just … very odd. Next year, give the gift of Bounce! The Bounce List

– k

This entry is dedicated to chancellor_d and evamagick

I was reading my friends’ friends journals. I read this item: Jerry Orbach: Dead.

He reminded me of Dick Clark in the way that he never seemed to age. It’s as if no time had passed since Dirty Dancing. Also, he was on Law and Order which I greatly enjoyed him on. It’s a sad day.

– k

Ok, the Gwen Steffani album … still sucks. I have listened to the cd at least 8 times and it’s still bad. It’s also quite short … pop-ishly short. And it’s super ghetto. Ouch. But yet, like a train wreck, I just can’t turn it off. It’s got a good beat and it’s catchy … also very annoying which is actually ok for a day like today. You see, it’s bleak and rainy. In addition to that, my boss is out on vacation and I’m low on tasks. I have a few claims and when the accountant gets in I’ll probably ask her for some tasks to work on. I have some filing to do which shouldn’t take long but I’m streching things out a bit so as to not look like I’m doing absolutely nothing.

It’s pretty quiet this morning. The phone is pretty quiet … no much going on at all. In fact, all I can think about is food. I really want french onion dip and chips which isn’t really like me but that sounds wonderful! Also, there is a new taco at Taco Bell which was actually very tasty. I could go for one of those… Continue reading

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