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Still sick. I went to the ER Sunday at Mike’s request as I have not gotten any better in last several days. So the dr kind of gave me a very quick one over and said “sinus infection …blah blah” and gave me meds. So I came home, took meds. Woke up still sick but w/ blood shot eyes, a head ache, cotton mouth and severe dizziness. I assumed much of it was the side effects. It is now over 24 hours later and several doses of medicine and I am no better off. The coughing has been surprised but as soon as the cough medicine wears off, I’m at it again. However the newest addition to the cough is a Darth Vader like sound effect that comes from my poor lungs when I exhale. Mike said I sound creepy when I exhale.

All in all I am still home sick from work. Mom thinks I have pneumonia. I feel like shit. And I have a concert to go to tonight. I should get back to bed. *bleh*

love – k

I feel like I’m dying over here. Not only am I still sick as a dog but I started today. So now I’m cramping too! There are other things to add to my list o’pathetic whining but frankly I’m too embarrassed. So I’m sitting here in my pjs, cramping w/ awful cotton mouth. Not a drop of water except from the tap and you KNOW I ain’t down w/ the tap water. The “filtered” water in the “water purifier” Mike bought is “frozen”. I don’t know why he won’t just give in and spend the 50 cents on bottled water. AH!!!

– k

I’m stupid. I bought a Lexx dvd on then I pre-ordered another Lexx thing on Then I realized I could have found both items on ebay. Then I bid on the second season boxed set but the max bid so far is only $40 so that’s not bad. I mean, I think the boxed set it at least $70. Just one dvd is $20 so I’d be saving money not going to Fry’s and buying them individually.

I’m so geigh.

Oh, and before I got back to fantasizing about the life I wish I had … w/ an undead alien assassin … I have to say … deep in my thoughts it occurred to me that some times I think I would like to be the last person on earth. I like the silence.

(My how very goth I am today!)

How am I doing? That’s a good question. It is a question that …. makes my head spin in circles. I have yet to decide on a suitable answer. But in absence of a suitable answer I will say I am fine.

Physically? I am very sick. I’ve been sick for three weeks now w/ some thing. It started off as a slight sore throat and a little cough. Then after a few days the sore throat went away but the cough got worst and it has persisted. I thought it was getting better but this week it has taken a turn. I stayed home two days this week and basically did nothing. I forced myself out of bed Friday to work but that was … very unpleasant. I’m fevery, can’t lay down w/o coughing myself into spasms of pain and tearing up. I’m high as a kite on Nyquil but even that is not near as effective as it usually is. I’m guessing some kind of pesky upper respiratory issue.

Emotionally? Confused as every and feeling very solitary. I haven’t been online much. My home life is very disappointing but then I haven’t got the motivation to venture out.… Continue reading

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