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Yet again, I am a raven haired diva. Holidays! Sheesh.

So yeah, I would post pictures of my sex kitten soft black however I don’t have an ftp program at the moment. Sucks to be me.

love – k

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Just got back from the fair. Missed Missy Elliot. :(

Mike and I got some great black/white “rockstar” photos. That was awesome. Black/white photo booths kick ass. The pictures are album covers just waiting to happen. We also got the ghetto color pictures … you know the misty photos that high school girls always have on their folders of them and 20 of their closest crip friends. Yeah, those kind of pictures. Those are pretty great too.

We went on a few rides despite my stomach problems. Mike talked me into going on the Ferris wheel which … if you know me you can guess the out come. I am scared to DEATH of everything and the Ferris wheel is NO exception. As soon as it started moving, I started crying. I kept my eyes closed the whole time. Then we went on some really dumb “ghost pirates” ride that was just … some stupid talking skeletons w/ pirate hats. They belched. We went on the slides and on the graviton. That was kind of x-rated. More on later.

Time for pjs and Final Fantasy X!

love – k

I’m terribly bored which I guess is a good sign. It’s sore on the right but I can walk around and I’m surprised at the drop in pain. I am however, very sweaty. I could shower … or engage in other hygiene related practices but I may just play Final Fantasy instead and see if the pain comes back now that I’m conscious. No more … pain medicine until I’m in horrible pain. See what a good girl I am? :)

Ok I think I’m delirious from sweating and being too warm. Must crank A/C.

love – k

This is my fanciful and amazing story about … *drum roll please* …. GOING TO THE ER! *applause*

So at about 8:30 Mike takes me to the ER. At this point I’m feverish … in so much pain doing ANYTHING is terribly painful. I can barely walk. We get there and he’s making me laugh and I’m like “dick! quite making me laugh, everything hurts!”. We get to the GHETTO hospital and wait in the GHETTO waiting room . Then there is me and Mike … Mike is sleeping and I’m just trying to maintain. They eventually call me back to Triage where my heart rate is a whooping 125 bpm, where my temp is high … but they don’t tell me how high and where my blood pressure is up but they don’t comment on this either. They have me fill some things out and then quickly get me back to a room.

So I get to the “room” (some curtains) and the lady tells me to undress and that I’m going to have to pee in a cup. Das cool. So like 20 minutes later this guy comes in and he’s calling me “girl”, “baby”, “girlfriend” all while… Continue reading

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