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I will not go into the story in detail but I was present at the opening of Zumanity: ANOTHER SIDE OF CIRQUE DU SOLEIL on September 20th in Las Vegas. Read the press release to find out more and do check out the website. If you are in Vegas, check it out … it would be worth the money … except you probably wouldn’t see Orlando Bloom there.

Las Vegas, September 20, 2003 – Celebrities and international media will fill the red carpet and lust will fill the air at the International Gala Premiere of ZUMANITY, the provocative and challenging new production from ANOTHER SIDE OF CIRQUE DU SOLEIL at New York-New York Hotel & Casino

Zumanity Press Release

– k

The results are in! You are :

46% slutty
which miraculously ties the worldwide average of 46%. But you are still much cleaner than the average Canadian.

Based on the 8,535,214 test takers so far:
you’re sluttier than 48% of the world.
you’re cleaner than 50% of the world.

7 women agreed with you, and chose “Rob Dickinson” as the best sex option of all time.

So far, the most popular place to lick lubricated men is below the right nipple.

–her face–
Finally, here is a listing of the sexiest men of all time, as chosen by you, our test takers.

The 25 Sexiest Men of All Time
Brad Pitt 385328 (8%)
Josh Hartnett 103185 (2%)
Tom Cruise 99080 (2%)
Ben Affleck 92389 (2%)
Justin Timberlake 84430 (2%)
Eminem 80126 (2%)
Heath Ledger 65601 (1%)
Paul Walker 63059 (1%)
Ryan Phillipe 59288 (1%)
Eric Mccormack 56674 (1%)
Mel Gibson 50894 (1%)
Matt Damon 46789 (1%)
Alex Fiorelli 45172 (1%)
Bill Clinton 42330 (1%)
Freddie Prinze Jr. 41683 (1%)
Sean Connery 37346 (1%)
George Clooney 37116 (1%)
Ryan Ning 36230 (1%)
Sean… Continue reading

I’m supposed to fix a co-workers computer again today … he’s picky about what he wants me to do. Frankly I think he wants the company however … I am still in my pjs and he was supposed to be here at 10:30. I think it’s really 10:45 (don’t look at the posting time on this entry, my computer clock is WAY off). He hasn’t emailed me and I’m hoping I won’t have to go any where. My stomach is killing me … has been for hours and I think maybe eating might help but then it might not. But there isn’t any thing in the house to eat as Mike and I haven’t gone shopping in weeks. And he’s at driving school. So I’m left w/ cigarettes and some sunflower seeds.

Blah, downloading shit and doing nothing … all in my black silk pjs.

– k

It’s almost 7:30 am right now. I’m burning a candle and burning a cd, trying to kill time while my computer spurts and sputters.

I was thinking about loneliness and my own jealousy. I’m jealous of damn near every one and I realize this is not healthy. I’m jealous of people w/ healthy relationships, I’m jealous of free wheeling single people. I’m jealous of people who can talk to any one and be w/ any one. I’m jealous of people w/ healthy sex lives. I’m jealous of celibate people. I’m jealous of love and I’m jealous of people who are pleastantly w/o love lives.

I was thinking that I may be too stupid to find the person I should be with. That I’m too jaded. That I am too naive about too many things. I’m worried that I’m no longer the sweet person some one will inevitably fall in love w/. I’m worried that simply loving some one is no longer enough.

Speaking of love not being enough … I remember when it seemed to be that way. When I was in love w/ Nils and no matter how wrong and disfunctional it was, I wanted my intense love for… Continue reading

I don’t have a clue what I’m actually feeling right now other than to say … lame. I feel sort of lame that I’m not out experiencing a lot of stuff. It seems like every one around me is and yet I am not.

I forgot to tell you all about Vegas. Let me just say, for now … Orlando Bloom … washing my hands w/ Debbie Gibson … drinking a margarita next to Paris Hilton. Getting drunk as fuck and holding hands w/ “Skittery Pigeon” …. her confessing to me how she was in love w/ a girl (to my extreme shock) and how she wanted to tell me but was afraid I would be … offended?!? Much more went in the way of drunken confession let me tell ya but oh … *sigh* she’s so beautiful. *sigh*

She’s making me an Angelina Jolie purse. :) I may rip out my heart and make her an ash tray.


So here I am, experiencing very little except for the weekend in Vegas, the heartache and now the lonely boredom.

My much awaited period is almost over. Pregnancy avoided again.

– k

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