5 Responses to this is SOFUCKINGGROSS

  • mr_dark says:

    That’s a guy, isn’t it?

    I’m all hey, what’s so gross about…

    ::scrolls down::

    …oh shit, the hands! NOOOOO!!!!

    • admin says:

      No it’s a girl but she looks so skinny that … she can not possibly be healthy. That is just disgusting. I mean, how is that glamourous and sexy? She looks like she’s starving.

      I don’t mean to offend if any one is reading this and are naturally that skinny. I mean, you are who you are but this girl … in porn … I don’t think that’s just metabolism.

      Good Lord the media is EVIL. MORE MEATY GIRLS!


      • mr_dark says:

        Well, okay, I agree with you there for the most part. Skinny -can- be sexy, but only if it’s that long, lean, sculpted kind of skinny. (I have this bone-thin friend on LJ who is just naturally skinny, and she’s gorgeous.)

        I still think she looks like a tranny.

  • admin says:

    I think the hands are out of proportion because she is so damn skinny. Like, she should really weigh more.

    She’s about as sexy as a 10 year old girl w/ a LOT of makeup on.



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