I am SO effin’ tired dood. Long day … took a two hour lunch w/ “Skittery Pigeon” and “Beeotch”. The boss bought us lunch at Cheesecake Factory under the belief that we would “bond”. That didn’t happen. I talked mostly to “Skittery Pigeon” and we were nice to “Beeotch” and she was fake polite to us and then we went back to work only to discover the phones and power were out. Mid cigarette, the power came back on. I had to run back and deal w/ the work pile that a two hour lunch produces. Otherwise, today was ok. Don’t mind working late to make up for the extra hour I took at lunch.

Again, EFFIN’ tired as FUCK. :) Supposed to watch a video on DJing but I’m really tired. Mike will kill me if I fall asleep but he got to nap today and do almost nothing where-as I worked. And I am tired.

Well, going to … veg for a while. Just thought I would update.

love – k

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